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The purest, most evil son of a bitch to live or not live on this Earth, he enjoys all types of porn and torture as nothing phases him anymore, he has looked both god and the devil in the face, jacking off while doing so, he has lost all emotions and instead is in a almost eternal state of pleasure and godhood, when you speak of the reason why god is dead or has left us, you are speaking of afob in all his power, he has two homes, the human world where he tortures the living and hell where he fucks the devil every day, jacking off to trap porn, if you say his name 3 times he posts porn, 9 times and he posts gore
Guy 1: did you hear about what happened?
Guy 2: what it's something about afob right?
Guy 1: don't say his name! He'll appear
by Ninja god king June 06, 2017
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