1.A Homosexual that craves the weenar.
2.A player who is extremely bad at wow.
3.A mage who thinks hes the best and is actually terrible and will never amount to good mages like ecilam and frst can't, believe this awful mage is the GM of QC it should be frst.
4. Worst mage on tich gets carried by his teams thinks hes good and loves little boys.
1.(Me)Me and pudge were arenaing with a mage today and he was pretty gay and bad.
(Pudge)lol that sucks man im surprised it wasnt affix.
(Me) Me too he was pretty affix like every attribute about that noob lol @ transfers.
(Me) as we were playing with that baddy we played agaisnt isolees team and we lost but god hes so bad also.
(Pudge) yeah hes terrible.
2. Man that guy is really affix.
by best rogue on tich November 25, 2007
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The feeling that you wasted an awesome sticker that you probably should have used elsewhere. Often the result of sticker paralysis, and similar to Tattoo Remorse
Dude 1: "why so glum?"
Dude 2: "Affixation remorse"
Dude 1: "What?"
Dude 2: I stuck that sweet vintage Apple sticker on my old PS2 Guitar Hero Guitar. I never even play that game any more. I should have put it on the rear window of my truck"
Dude 1: "what a waste"
by grimfish March 5, 2009
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a dumbass name used by roleplayers that act like space boys or girls, also barely speaks or participates in it
Person 1: hey affix
Person 2: like affixing something on a paper?
Person 1: it's your roleplay name, dumbass
by Affixiation March 30, 2021
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