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A bastardised version of a common English saying. Often mistaken as "words from a Tongan woman's mouth", but actually "words from a Samoan woman's mouth". Often used in Chemistry and shows signs of delayed responses, shortened vowel sounds and "aeh?" to make sure people understand what you are saying, which they never do regardless of you saying "aeh?"

Originated in Mt Roskill Grammar School, named after the Samoan chemistry teacher Mrs Afele.
Oye yous fullas know that the coppu in solu is blu... aeh?
Oye, you want me to tell McDoogul?!?!?!
There is maybe molu in volu'au
tu.. tu.. tu.. tu.. tu.. tu.. three?!?
The potential of this hello! alkane is... HUNDRED!

Longer Afeleism in use:
Afele: Somebody give me the example of an AB compound!
Student: Uh, potassium iodide Miss?
Afele: Ah NAH'AU!!! Oh wait, oh maybe...
(30 second pause)
Afele: Oh tru!!!
by the don Saccio November 13, 2006
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