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1. A racial category found in old craniometry and physical anthropology (i.e. Carleton S. Coon) that refers to East Africans (Ethiopians, Eritreans, Somalis). In the past they were considered a type of dark caucasoid due to their bone structure.

2. Any gracile ('stretched out') black person with European features (minimal prognathism, short high skull, thin nose, etc.)

3. Aethiopids are strong and slim, often even noticeably high figures with narrow heads and long faces, where the high, not seldom bent nose and the strong chin remind of the Europoid root of the transition form, the slightly thickened lips and the narrow-wavy soft hair of the Negrid root. The high figures of the Aethiopids show a broad rib cage with high, angular shoulders and a narrow waist. The hands are slim, the feet small. However the pelvis is only little broad. And the slim extremities show a strong, but only thin muscles structure. Arms and calfs are thin. All that are weakened Negrid features, also the relatively lower legs. But these characteristics don't appear disproportionalized, but fit harmonically in the racial picture. The female breasts are small, but full.
The Aethiopid head is long, very narrow and high. The forehead is also narrow, high and steep. The eyes are big and dark. The straight or convex bridge of the nose is quite high and the tip narrow, but not as slim and high as at Europids, and the basis is even quite broad with sharply contoured nostrils. Real prognathy can never be found. The mouth is big and shows quite full, bud not bulged lips. The ears are small.
The Aethiopids have full hair and fine, narrow-wavy curls. The skin shows a sort of reddish, red.brown undertone, in contrast to the grey undertone of the Negro skin. But there are numerous shadings of skin colours.
All in all there are, strongly generalizing, three one another succeding zones of types: the first one is one of a stronger Arab (predominantly Orientalid) influence in the countries which are turned towards Arabia (Bedsha, Abessinia, Easthorn-Somal). Galla and West-Somal with remained tribes of the highlands follow as the actual and most characteristical Aethiopids of southern Abessinia and its neighbouring areas, and finally there are the stronger Negroid Hima and Massai in Kenia and Uganda.

David Bowie's wife is mad Aethiopid. She looks like a white girl painted black.
by RAS crew November 29, 2006
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