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A 2nd category myspace perfection group (often referred to as a "family" according to people on the group). It lies under groups like AP- Aesthetic Perfection, VIP- Vanity is Perfection, PD- Perfection Dolls. It's owned by Adanze. It's a difficult group to get into. You must have quality pictures, and be exceptionally "good-looking", but "good-looking" has a whole other meaning on myspace.
Things to do if you want to be on Aesthetic Apex:
1.) Have good quality pictures: vintage editing & glamour portraits.
2.) You have to at least be cute/good-looking.
3.) Write a good about me that describes you.
4.) Have a good layout that makes your myspace look bold and flashy.

If you do those things above, than you will probably get accepted onto the group.

After a member has been on apex for a while, they usually "grow" (get better quality pictures, etc) and they usually graduate and go on to better groups such as AP, VIP, PD, etc.
"Aww! she's really cute, and has an amazing personality, i'm going to nominate her to Aesthetic Apex!"
by eeee. January 21, 2009
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A perfection/vanity group on Myspace. It is considered a rather "elite" myspace group. The owner is Adanze. It is probably one of the most active perfection groups on myspace. It ranks about 10th on quality and innovation in the myspace perfection "world". You must have exquisetly retouched images, and it's pretty difficult to get accepted, but it's not as hard as groups such as AP, VIP, PD.
Aesthetic Apex
by Erin02345 November 07, 2008
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