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A hollow, circular, frisbee-like rubber disk which flies extremely far distances when thrown. It is characterized by a translucent, flat plastic ring encased in flat rubber bumpers on either side with the outer bumper's edge molded into an airfoil shape. Popular in Ultimate Frisbee circles as a fun way to play catch, its tendancy to fly further than expected and relative fragility, when compared to an Ultimate Frisbee Disk, render it less suited for game use. When playing catch an aerobie may be thrown back and forth over the length of a football field with relative ease. The world record for throwing an Aerobie is currently 1,333ft (406.3m), and it has even been thrown over Niagara Falls.
Damn it, Jules threw the Aerobie over my head and into the tree again!
by Josh Rowe December 24, 2006
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