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the way youtube is taking ads away causing youtubers to find new ways of making money
Pewdiepie: i had to get a job at mcdonald’s because of the fucking adpocalypse

Jacksepticeye: damn i’m sorry i need to find a new job the adpocalypse is seriously affecting my life
by d3finitions December 30, 2017
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What's going on in he Youtube world, currently in 2017. Basically, Wall Street Journal exposed Pewdiepie for being anti semitic and all hell broke loose, and ads started leaving Youtube. Now, only trash YouTubers like Jake Paul are getting paid because they are Youtube/Google kissups.
"Dude, I didn't make any money on my video."
"Why? it got 10 million views!"
"The adpocalypse man, I swore and now my videos are demonitized!"
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by NemoExposed June 22, 2017
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