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They were formerly known as "Admiral Neonazi"s until their Mothers told them to change their name or else they will only get 30 minutes of runescape instead of 60 minutes to do penguins like a homosexual or go to the fucking shit out events that they make.

These people enjoy stealing from the intellectually disabled that lurk around in grand exchange and like to join Uber pro Merching clans that are actually gigantic scams.
They do this inorder to get 100 sets of Veracs and Guthans.
Once they obtain this armour they like to Melee TzTok-Jad (using the Guthan's warspear) and die (and lose their armour) in the various shit house events regardless of which they are combat oriented or not.

It is reported that the average Admiral Neo is 8-14 years old and lives in the basement of a paedophile named Peter who likes to play dress ups and sing lullabies about the good old days when paedophilia was less talked about.

One well known fact about the Admiral Neo is that they are severely overweight, so much so that they take 20 minutes just to turn around or move a few feet (which may or may not explain why the bastards are always late for events).
Because of the extreme obesity of the Admiral Neos they are subjected to many fat jokes, but never when the Admiral Neos are in the clan chat as that would result in a hollow threat to kick them or demote them.
Guy one: Oh shit our Admiral Neo is online, he is probably going to have a cry and tell me to come to the event or demote me.
Guy two: Hmm I always leave clan chat and turn private off so the fat bitch shuts the fuck up with his empty threats.
Guy one: Oh good idea, talk to you after his 7pm Bedtime.

Clan Member1: Omg you're so pro dude, please teach me your leet merch skills and I will suck your balls!
Clan Member2: Stfu Neo you faggot virgin, go for a walk, you really need it.
Admiral Neo: ;__; Stfu or I kick you!
Clan Member2: What ever pussy tits I'll just join a heterosexual clan, douche.
*Clan Member2 leaves clan chat*
Admiral Neo: I sure showed him l0l!!
Clan Member1: lol you sure did neo, can I suck your dick for a rank promotion now?? I bumpped like all day lol and went to event!

Clan Member1: Admiral Neo is so fat that he cannot play any minigames with portals because he is soo fat that he cannot fit inside them!
Clan Member2: Admiral Neo is so fat he has to play fishing trawler 20 times a day just to feed himself.
by L0rd italia69 December 01, 2009
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An amiral in the clan team fuckmeimgay, they usually are 13 year old immature brats, they like to play with neopets in their spare time and if they are lucky their parents will let them on runescape for 20 minutes a day
Person1: hey is that admiral neo? Person2: yeah he's from the clan called team fuckmeimgay Admiral Neo:durr im going to go play with my neopets would you like to come? Person1: nah dude we're not gay enough to play with you.
by yourgoodfriend123 October 06, 2009
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