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A sleepaway camp in the adirondack mountains. Its on a penisula on the northern part of lake george, and is a co-ed sleepaway camp. there are a lot of international kids from France, Russia, Spain etc... who go there as well as many kids from parts of NY and Connecticut (mostly Greenwich). often called ADK. ADK is probably one of the greatest places on earth. the campers and staff sleep in open-air cabins. Most of the staff are former campers,who love continueing to come back to ADK every summer. most of the staff are really nice, accept for the bitchs, the counselors are great most of the time they can help resolve issues between cabin mates, and help u not be homesick. the facilities are really nice, and there are tons of activites to choose from. there are also special days where there are themed activites and the counselors dress up to match the theme(i.e. harry potter day) on saturdays there are always camp dances in the dining hall which are really fun. at ADK you always make really good friends aside from the occasional back-stabbing bitch. ADK was featured in town and country magazine last year. the food at ADK is always good and made by carlo! Basically Adirondack camp is like the bestest summer camp ever!!! HOW!!!!!!!!
adirondackee: OMG i cant wait for summer
other person: why?
Adirondackee: to go back to adirondack camp the best summer camp ever
other person: oh
by laxergurl613 May 21, 2013
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