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A Russian person who smokes and enjoys going the the pub (bar)

Thinks EVERYTHING is ''too mainstream''

Someone who is massive snob when it come to music and other aspects of popular culture.

Usually looks like an old man, and/or an emo/scene-kid.

A person who gets drunk fast

Someone who likes jumping on tables and ranting about politics or segregation.
''Why is he wearing that ugly t-shirt? who dose he think he is, Adek?''

''Wow that guy only drank 2 beers and he's already past out on the table, he must be Adek''

''He said that he hated that band because there too mainstream, he's Adek''
by immamentalbastard January 10, 2012
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Noun; A person who is extremely hypocritical, as well as corrupt; a liar; evil faggot.
Oh my god, you are such an Adek right now. Stop being a gay hypocritical liar.
by GayCunt234 May 30, 2018
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