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Rolling on Adderall. In the state of euphoria and all around feel-good-ness because of the popular ADHD and narcolepsy treatment known as adderall, or adderall XR (extended release) The abuse of adderall is usually caused by homework and huge tests because of the motivation and energy that adderall can provide.
During the week of midterms it is pretty easy to spot people who are adderolling because they are restlessness, sociable, never hungry, and are usually found with their head in a large book
by Eric Gardner January 08, 2009
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The lights look brighter. The words on the page look sharper. Your heart is about to jump out of your chest. The euphoria is pulsing through your veins. You have always hated chemistry, but now you feel like a professional, ready for you nobel prize. You indulge every word on the page like it is freshly made creme brûlée. Nothing can come between you and your book. Nothing. You don't just understand the equations, YOU ARE THE EQUATIONS.
Dude I was rolling so fucking hard at Bassnectar last night
I feel ya yo, I was adderolling my face off in the brary
by Distractionsbroughtmehere February 06, 2014
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