Something that real whores tell everyone to do, but no one adds. These douchebags really enjoy posting "add me" to every band they befriend and what not. These people actually don't have friends, that's why they ask "Add me? I'm a whore and I'm bi and I'm pretty and . ." Seriously these people need to be shot two-hundred times, have their private part cut off and fed to them, stabbed in the face forty-five times, have both of their feet cut off and shoved up their ass, cut off their arms section by section, and then thrown down an icy river so they drown. (:
Stephanie: Damn add me tramps !
Junior: Yeah, I know ! They kept on spamming this band's status so then the band blocked them and deleted them.
Stephanie: Haha that's what they get for being idiots.
Junior: Yep and Tom Anderson said he was going to kill them !
Stephanie: Thank God.
by I<3Sgt.Frog August 17, 2010
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What have come to be the most frequent 2 words you will ever see in use on myspace.

add me! add me! LOL.
by the_end_is_nigh (myspace) September 18, 2005
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You've probably come across such douchebags while going through various facebook pages. Out of nowhere comes an 'Add me' as if they are forever alone or something. These people don't have a fucking life and wouldn't stop such shit no matter what.
On some page..

Person 1 : That's fucking hilarious man!
Freak : Add me guys.
Person 2 : ^'Add-me freak' detected.
by awesomeasfuck January 6, 2014
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A person on Myspace who goes around adding random people just to increase their friends list. They also join groups and put up "Add Me" posts and the dumb ones post "Add Me" bulletins (the reason this is stupid is because when you're posting a bulletin, only your friends can see it, so they've obviously already added you). You can tell if a person is an add me whore by looking at their friends list--if their list is huge, they don't have a lot of stuff filled out in their profile, and most of their comments are "Hey! Thanks for the add," then you've got an add me whore.
by the darrien August 8, 2005
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1. Can be found in MySpace and many other websites of the like. They come in all shapes and sizes...whether it's emo, punk, thug, valley girl, etc. They like to post numerous bulletins and threads saying "add me!" Their main purpose is to get as many friends as possible. It is impossible not to see any of such people on MySpace becuase they run so rampant.
1. Person A: Omg, add me plz, k thks.
Person B: No.

2. Person A: I need 200 friends by the end of the day! Add me!!
Person B: What you really need is to chill out.
by andreacky772 July 21, 2005
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Usually a term asked on other social medias asking for nude pictures on snapchat
by dude2018 February 12, 2018
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