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If people add fuel to the fire, they make a bad situation worse.
Example 1:

Peyton Manning: Fuck! I lost against the Patriots!
Tom Brady: (Laughs) That's because you suck balls bitch!
Peyton Manning: Shut the fuck up!
Tom Brady: I have three Super Bowl rings and you have one faggot so your the one who needs to shut the fuck up
Peyton Manning: (Walks Away Pissed Off)
Tom Brady: Thats right walk away loser!

Later on SportsCenter..

Stuart Scott: Later on SportsCenter we will talk about how Tom Brady added fuel to the fire on the win over the Colts and a rivialry renewed.

Example 2:

When those two are fighting, I don't get involved. It only adds fuel to the fire.
I wanted to help, but I was afraid I would add fuel to the fire.
Please don't talk to him when he's in a bad mood. It just adds fuel to the fire.
by hanger man December 03, 2010
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