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A Beautiful Egyptian, Black Queen, a model, known for slaying while video gaming. Someone who has long hair, long legs, intriguing eyes, and also gives advice. Always smiling, laughing, goofy, and amazing to be around. Loves athletes, and chocolate men. Drags sentences out, and has an issue pronouncing some basic words.
Did you see that girl, she is a real Adayja, slay girl slay. Your girlfriend can play , but she's not real Adayja when trying to win.
by yomane23 January 04, 2018
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A queen, someone who people look up to for advice, usually has pony legs and long hair. Loves their men chocolate. Drags their sentences out very long, and has problems pronouncing the word "on".
Look at the girl, she is a real adayja, slay girl, slay.
by Jay jay love May 27, 2017
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