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If someone has an adaptive perspective, it basically means that they change their point of view of something depending on who they are around, mainly to impress them (e.g. different point of view in front of your friends and your girlfriend). In most cases, having an adaptive perspective won't end well, but someone being told this will more than likely dismiss this claim with the words "it'll be fine".
Girlfriend: I hope the Packers get beat this week, don't you?
Me: (pause) Yeah of course. by the way, i won't be here this weekend because I have an important business trip that i have to go to.
Girlfriend: Oh OK then.
Girlfriend to my friends: Did you hear about that business trip that John had to go to this weekend?
One of my friends: What business trip? He told me that he got tickets to the Packers game!
Girlfriend: He hates the Packers though!
Friend: The Packers are his favorite team in the NFL. Must be his adaptive perspective again.
Girlfriend: That's it, he's in for it!
by CJ Moose September 30, 2013
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