When one is wilin' out, often but not exclusively in situations that are hazardous. Having a wide range of applications within the vernacular, "acting a fool" can apply equally to jovial tomfoolery between contemporaries as it can to verbal threats directed at any individual who ought to slow their roll to avoid serious consequences.

In popular culture: As featured on the soundtrack to 1994’s “Above The Rim,” Tupac Shakur describes a turbulent period of troublemaking in high school: “I was a fool all through high school, kickin’ up dust,” later on the track “acting a fool” is used as synonymous with the same behavior.

Xzibit uses the phrase to as a descriptor synonymous with “sprung” in the S&M-themed hit “Choke Me, Spank Me, Pull My Hair,” whereas on “Act A Fool,” Mac Dre describes the complicated relationship between an attractive woman and her suitor.
"Tell me whatcha gon' do? Act a fool." -Ludacris
"He sprung, dawg; actin' a fool every time she around!"
by Enderwign July 25, 2015
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Going full retard actin' like a goof n shi'. lmao #wylin'
Bill Nye tho why you actin' a fool n shi'
by Sherwin James Catubig. October 26, 2013
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