Being difficult unnecessarily, especially implying violence or actually threatening violence. Such an attitude usually starts a conflict. Refusing to chill or back down. Overreacting to minor slights.
Man, why you gotta act hard like that? Better check yourself before you get knocked the F out.
by FIM1UR12 May 22, 2014
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when someone acts like their cool but they really arent.
jim: yeah im gonna mess jamie up
jake: shut up jim your acting hard🙄
by hahalibby June 2, 2018
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When somebody you know tries to act cool in front of a some girls and makes up things that aren't actually true.
Jim(virgin): Yea and then she asked me for the d so i fucked her right there at her house.

Slutty girl: Wow, really? You are so cool wanna hang out later?

Me: (Fucking dumbass jim is acting hard again)
by SXS September 14, 2013
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When a sexual partner compares you subsequent partners they have had and provides you this compliment, it means you are one of the best partners they have had and that others that have followed have not measured up.
Bob, since I have been with you intimately sexually, sex in the summer, you have been a hard act to follow. lover, sex, partner
by intothefray February 14, 2018
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