A phrase used mainly by the gamer community to express a feeling of satisfaction after having successfully completed a particular task or venture.

"Achievement unlocked" is the official phrase used on Microsoft's Xbox 360 console. The phrase appears on the screen after the player has accomplished a specific in-game task.

The phrase was first used out of game context in the comedy series "The Guild."
Mariam: Victor, your idea to add nap rooms inside the corporate offices has been accepted and will be implemented next week.

Victor: Achievement unlocked!
by Coniption February 9, 2011
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Having your girlfriend/partner ready and all dressed up to go out, then turning her on and getting her to undress again with minimal effort.
My girlfriend came to pick me up for work, I was naked. She jumped me.. "achievement unlocked: ready to go"
by Dagr84 August 20, 2012
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