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An acheivment whore is a video gaming term that describes xbox 360 gamers that only play for gamerscore awarding objectives known as acheivments.

An acheivement whore is an
Insensitive videogamer who will stay up all night just trying to beat a video game without firing a single round, or getting 100,000 kills in one life just to get some gamerscore.
MEDiCSiN: dude I just got an acheivement worth 30 gamerscore!

Me: you're such an acheivement whore
by Stoops05 January 08, 2009
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1)An XBOX 360 owner who feels the need to get every acheivment possible on every game he/she has ever played.
2)Someone who buys a game, gets all of the acheivments, then returns it for another one.
3)Someone who will actually decline sex because they are trying to get an online acheivement. SEE: geek
4)SEE ALSO: cheevies
"No, I can't come to mom's funeral, I'm a total acheivement whore."
by Daniel Maher February 03, 2008
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