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Ace Combat 3 is perhapes the most contraversial Ace Combat game in the series. it is the first game in the series to feature all original aircraft either inspired by real world air craft, or made-up all together.

Real: F-16C Fighting Falcon
Inspired: F-16XF Gyrafalcon
Fiction: R-102 Delphius II

Ace Combat 3 is also the first in the line which allows you to view 360 degrees from all angles around or in your plane. Also it is the first to include Stratosphere and Low Space combat outside earth's Gravity Well. The Japanese version of this game is contained on two discs with an animated story line and full voice audio, but the English Version is one disc and contains no voice audio excep for the computer telling you what you're doing. Even cut scenes have no voice audio. A older but disapointing game for PS1, still good for the die hard fan.
Me: Damn, I wish they would remake Ace Combat 3 and dub it over. It would sell out in no time.
by iseeum May 21, 2008
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