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A school on the College of the Canyons campus in Valencia, California where high school students take college classes early at the same time as high school. All students suffer from extreme sleep deprivation and coffee addiction, and get little to no exercise outside of college PE due to the lack of time. As a result of that, the average height of the students, especially the juniors, is relatively lower than the average high school. One would expect the maturity level to be higher than the average high school class, but the entire freshmen class act like immature 10 year olds in elementary school playing tag, mostly due to them only getting 5 hours of sleep each night. Literally no one here smokes or does drugs like the average high school student because everyone is too innocent.
Me: "Dude, I haven't seen you since the end of 8th grade when you quit Basketball, where have you been? You look really old and you're so short, what the heck happened?"
Friend from AOC: "I attend Academy of the Canyons"
Me: "Oh..... no wonder"
by Archiderp May 07, 2017
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Academy of the canyons is now located in Valencia, California, in the University center at College of the Canyon. This is a high school with students that also take college courses at College of the Canyons. You do not need to be "smart" to get into this school like people say grades are the last thing they look at in the acceptance process.

It used to be a good school until recently joining forces EHS. It seems that this school is at the beginning of a "bad" path. Everyone used to be united, TAO but now students are realizing how much freedom they have and take advantage. The school advisers try to keep this low key so they don't get a bad rep. they would rather people think it was hard to get in.

Some seniors are mature and some are just as bad as middle school kids. Just like any other high school really.
They are separated from the drama of over populated high schools in the Santa Clarita Valley. They get a better opportunity to not waste their time with high school classes that they will have to take again in college. They get down to the general ed.
Westranch student; "Bro, all the chillheads are multiplying"
Academy of the Canyons student; "what's a chillhead?"

College of the Canyons student on there 7th year; "man all these kids running around are nerds wth are they here for bro?"
Academy of the Canyons student; "I am an AOC student."
College of the Canyons student; "Oh you are the only cool one."

Academy of the Canyons student; "I just want to take fun classes and have freedom to smoke pot whenever I want."
by dancingqueenn April 28, 2011
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A school in Canyon Country. It is a middle college high school, meaning all the kids going there take college classes during highschool, therefore, are nerds. Everyone there sucks, except for a few Sohpmores. Freshmen are annoying assholes who can't tell their ass from their face, while the seniors are dumb stoners who flunk all their classes. The juniors are unsocial freaks, while half the sophmore class is emo. The rest of the sophmore class is pretty chill though.
Person 1: Hey, I was down at College of the Canyons, and I ran into this migdit who looked like he could be in preschool.
Person 2: Oh, he probably goes to Academy of the Canyons
Person 1: Oh yea, I heard about that place, the only people who aren't antisocial freaks are a few of the Sophmores.
by I hate 95% of AoC people November 02, 2010
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that school in santa clarita inside of college of the canyons for nerds and potheads. all the people that are above freshmen are fags. especially the seniors.

nerd motherfuckers.
that academy of the canyons place is FOR FUCKING NERDS
by god364356435345345345 November 12, 2009
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