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That one student that sits either in the front or the back of the classroom who raises their hand in class only to show off his/her knowledge on the topic at hand not to appear smart, but to put others efforts down, hence making themselves look good. Also paired with bogarting the professor's time at the end of class to share asinine facts and figures instead of asking questions and leaving like the rest of the class.
Student 1 (to professor in class): I wasn't too sure about what the book meant by the reference to the "South" in chapter two; I think it means (enter answer). Could you please explain?

Professor: Interesting point Student 1.

Academic Douchebag: (To student 1) Actually professor, I believe the answer to that question was actually answered in the footnotes in chapter one. It doesn't really mean THAT, it means (academic douchebaggey answer)
by ohemgeee February 12, 2010
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