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It's an old Persian name (for males of course) that means:
1. The best in everything.
2. The best.
3. Fereydoon's Father (in Ferdosi's Shahnameh)
One of my best friends is Abtin. he is my room mate too!
by abTn September 27, 2006
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An attractive person (usually male but females are rare), very good looking, is the best at everything you can call him the perfect guy. He's the best at everything, sometimes makes other people jealous. His body is a work of art. He is popular and gets into relationships quickly and he never disappoimts.
Person 1: look at that guy
Person 2: that's abtin
Person 1: does he look like that because of his name
Person 2: probably....
Person 1: better go change my name
by ?????anonymous?????? July 12, 2017
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