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1) An individual who chooses to be abstinent in exchange for social rewards such as praise, social status, popularity or even monetary rewards in rare cases.

2) An individual possessing a flirtatious style, appearance and attitude normally associated with sluts, but remains dutifully committed to sexual abstinence.

3) An individual obsessed with abstinence usually due to a deep rooted fear, hatred or jealously towards sexual activity. Women tend to be fearful and men jealous.
Wow, that Stacy is showing off her purity ring again. What an abstinence whore.
by TruthInText May 27, 2010
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a person, most of the time a girl, who is crazy for abstinence, a little less than a prude, but still annoying as hell when it comes to getting in their pants. sometimes this person can be a tease, but a lot of the time they just dont find pleasure in sexual things.

often times they dont have the desire to be fingered because they are afraid it will "hurt" like a mofo.

unfortunately these people are often really really hot, so it sucks.
Shelby is such an abstinence whore, i was trying to hook up with her at prom and she wouldn't let me find the promise land, so i ditched her ass for an after party.
by cbaby4 May 04, 2010
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