john, the most sweet, compassionate, and loving boy you’ll ever get to meet. can always make someone smile, and never fails to make them laugh. he feels insecure and scared at time just like anyone else but he will always feel the way he tells you. never lies to you, even when he messes up. sometimes the second or third chance is worth it. he’ll always understand your needs and wants and do his best to support them. he has a soft side. its hard to believe but you can hurt his feelings just like your feelings get hurt too. so loving and sweet, even though he wakes u up from NAPS, but makes up for it. one of the most genuine boyfriends you’ll ever get, and gives you the world and more.💖
me: “john abner <3 is the most amazing boy in my world
by meghan._. October 23, 2020
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The Man, The Myth, The Legend. Abner a tall handsome man. A name that is meant to be powerful yet kind. Abner has a lot of close friends that he loves to make laugh & they can definitely count on him when they’re in need. A true ladies man as he is tender when in love.
I think I have a crush on Abner
by ABBDKYJJJJSC November 22, 2021
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