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A shithole of a town full of chavs, old people, pissheads and "Carnetown Barmy Army" whose trademark sign is the swastika.
Plenty to do here including:

Setting the forest on fire
Burning garages
Smashing up the football stand at the local team's pitch
Hanging around outside the corner shops asking people to buy you cigarettes if you are under 18
Going round the local pub to get pissed and make a tit of yourself

People tend to end up in trouble with the police a lot here. Someone was murdered by their husband with a hammer for "not cooking their dinner right".
Abercynon, the centre of hell.
Aber-sign-on-the-dole (as known by locals due to the amount of dole-bums living there).
(Abercynon is sometimes mis-pronounced "Aber-sign-on" by English folk).
by The blogking June 13, 2011
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