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An Abby Nicole loves to be dramatic. She likes to sing but can't dance. Abby Nicoles are fun to be around but can get a little too crazy at parties. Any Abby Nicole loves surprises. She lives for the little things in life. She has big dreams and wants to be famous. Abby Nicole is a hopeless romantic. She loves to be loved and adores cheesy romantics. She has been hurt by many people and is a little standoffish. She is afraid that this will affect her future relationships. Abby Nicole can be hard to handle sometimes because she loves to make her life like a movie. Abby Nicole is insecure at times and sometimes needs to be reminded what you love most about her. She is completely faithful and one of the most trustworthy people that there is. An Abby Nicole is a true friend. Don't let Abby Nicole fool you, she's a princess in the day, but a freak when its time!
I got her in bed and she was a total Abby Nicole.
by RoseWithTheToes December 31, 2013
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