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An Abby Grace is the sweetest, most funny girl you'll ever meet. She's drop dead beautiful and you'll know one when you see her. She has the most gorgeous eyes that you can look into all day, and the most amazing smile that instantly makes you want to smile back. She thinks she's annoying but she's not and she apologizes when she's done nothing wrong. She's the most unselfish person you'll ever meet and you get an Abby Grace, do everything you can to keep her because she's one of a kind.
Guy 1: You see that hot girl over there?
Guy 2: Wow, what's her name
Guy 1: I don't know but,she looks like an Abby Grace
Guy 2: You should go ask her out
Guy 1: Are you crazy! A girl like that has to have a boyfriend
Guy 2: Yea you'r probably right
by /F\O/R\T/N\I/T\E/_G\O/D\ February 12, 2019
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A girl who doesn't ever get what she wants in life, but is probobly the most prettiest girl u have ever seen. She's usually small and has the hottest Sex u may ever have.
Man! I wish I was an Abby Grace!
by Live on bread January 09, 2017
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the sweetest, funest girl you will ever need an abby grace if you dont have one already.
by sarabrobin April 20, 2018
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