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Microsoft operating system (in development)

Features include:
-improved upon vista/windows 7 user interface by asking even more if the user wants to do said action
-the built-in Abaloosedooz program causes the hard drive spin so fast that it causes a space time rip in your computer thus causing unlimited amount of memory.
-supposed to be released in conjunction with the sibling program, "Dimbydonky", which was supposed to allow transportation between two computers using core Abaloosedooz programming
-downgraded Paint (more...)
-Every Friday the 13th of each year, it delivers a plethora of black cats, broken mirrors, and open salt shakers (dispensed out of the CD drive)
person 1: did you get Abaloosedooz yet?
person 2: you know as well as I do it doesn't come out until Dec. 23rd, 2012
person 1: oh yea... Microsoft really needs to speed up their development process...
by microsoft_rep May 05, 2011
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