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When Aaron goes on a date he cant kiss his girl because he is allergic to all kinds of make-up, including lipstick!

Aaron's life in short

Aaron and Bess.
Bess trys to kiss Aaron.
Aaron: Are you wearing lipstick?
Bess: Of course!
Aaron: Oh, erm. I'm, allergic to make-up.
Bess: Then what can we do?
Aaron: Well we could..

Next school day...

Thomas: Why are you so red? You look a bit like how I did when I fuc...erm...NOTHING.
Aaron: Bess.
Thomas: You didn't!?.
Aaron: Yeah, I couldn't stop her so...
Dylan(BobHazUzi): Wazz up?
Thomas: well Aaron di... HEY WAIT, BESS IS MY...
Aaron: SHUTUP!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dylan: let me guess, Bess?
Thomas: Bess is a B****!!!!!!!!!!!:(
Dylan: Wait, you did Bess!?
Thomas: Uh, it was more like, er, rape...
Owen: Hey guys, whats up???
Aaron,Thomas and Dylan: Oh S***!!!
by Aryo.7 November 12, 2010
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