Even more l33t form of Azn. Used only by people that are so stupid that they are a miracle of the modern world.

Me: Shut your hole, ass rammer.
by Nai August 4, 2003
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This is made up of two words:
Chill and Relaxing.

I started using this term when I heard a friend's mom say-"Just chill and relax" really fast. when someone asks you-"Supsup" and you want to say-"Just chillin' and relaxin'"

Then, you should say-"chill-axn'" or just-"chillaxn"
Person 1: Supatchu?
Person 2: oh juss chill-axn. You?
Person 1: Samesame, man.
by Man Skirt October 19, 2006
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