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A fraternity based on brotherhood and spirituality that actually makes one part of the family. Mostly popular in the east coast and south, ATOs the country over are known for being the "nice guys" who end up dating the girls instead of just slaying. They are known for their vast interest in music, art, and the greater fine arts. Looking for true meaning in life, they are taught to live out their life day by day. Loved by many, hated by few, the ATOs are one of the largest fraternities in the United States, steadily growing and catching up to those that started before them. When one hears of an "ATO party", they know that anyone will be able to come because it is not a fraternity of douchebags such as sigma chi or PIKE- this goes along with part of their creed "to foster, not partisanship, but the recognition of true merit wherever found". Another deep interest of ATOs mostly in the west coast seems to be their love for dancing. This is clearly seen in this video of ATOs at UCSB dancing on youtube. This combined with their love of different types of music allows ATOs to throw the most fun parties on campus. Whenever a sorority girl or any lady in general needs help, they call up the ATOs- the nicest guyest on campus.
Guy 1: dude, can i go to that party or will i get kicked out for not being in the frat?

Guy 2: dude, they're ATOs, they like everyone unless you piss them off

Girl 1: hey i need help with getting this to my car

Girl 2: let me call up john, hes an ATO- Alpha Tau Omega, and their the nicest guys on campus

Girl 1: hey are jimmy and john ATOs?

Girl 2: ya howd you know?

Girl 1: cuz theyre so nice, cute, and amazing at dancing. id totally date them.
by couragethecowardly November 28, 2009
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