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The ATEFI is a group on the Call of Duty Wiki. The acronym stands for Alliance To End Firearm Ignorance.

This basically means that they want to educate people who are either ignorant or wrongly stubborn about guns.
For instance some people think that ALL assault rifles are AK-47's, or that ALL handguns are Glocks. For this reason, along with many, many others, the ATEFI tries to educate those that are ignorant about firearms.
Do you hear that moron talking about the AK-47? What an idiot. He thinks it stands for American Killer, 47-round clip. Good thing I'm in the ATEFI:

ATEFI Member: Hey, man, listen up.
1. It's Automatic Kalashnikov 1947, made in the Soviet Union.
2. It holds thirty rounds in a MAGAZINE, not clip.

Ignoramus: No you're wrong! My dad has one, he was in the Army!

ATEFI Member: Oh, really? Then what caliber does it use?


ATEFI Member: It's 7.62mm,just for future reference, idiot.
by UncleJimbo13 March 26, 2010
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