Literally a server full of mentally handicapped land whales.
Cringe farts”
Definition: cringe
“We arent like aos
“Is that the server full of shitheads called Aos???/“
AOS is cring”
AOS is cringe as fuuuu
@Fluffy I caution you to be careful, because if you interact with me past this point, I will find where you live, slit open your stomach, and will force you to drink your own stomach acids.
by Mr.WindowsXP August 13, 2021
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AOS ( Angels of Spades ) is chad hacker/raider group. They are well known in the SSB2, mapping and nation community. They nuke shit ton of discord servers and hack many users.

AOS tag is དΔØŜཌ
Skid: AOS hacked my friend
Chad: Yes Heil དΔØŜཌ
by དΔØŜཌ Member July 17, 2022
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Something someone will say if they are losing an argument and will not accept that they are wrong.
Fodasse, Não vem ao caso.
by do.z.z.z.z.z May 27, 2020
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Hi, I play Keeper in an online game, called Anarchy Online. I can't kill anyone, because I watch porn while pvping. And if i finally loose i blame the AO servers for the lag, not my filesharing program downloading the newest hustler releases.
OMG, did you see I am a keeper in AO? I did not even have time to jerk off over that five minute Paris Hilton clip. my defenses were down already and those 5 people killed me. We need more tanking abilities!!
by Righteous2 November 9, 2008
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Ao è l’espressione romana per eccellenza. Ha molteplici significati, che variano in base al tono della voce. I più comuni sono: stupore, rimprovero, strafottenza, tristezza, sarcasmo, esaustione, dolore. Questi sono i più usati, ma ce ne sono molti altri, in base al contesto, al tono ed altre variabili.
Si può tradurre con “ehy” ma molto approssimativamente, poiché “Ao” esprime il tuo stato d’animo, quello che pensi e quello che senti dentro. È vietato scrivere Aho, Aoh, HAo, oppure Il Divino Proietti (Portatore di pace e di ogni cosa bella) farà irruzione in casa vostra e vi picchierà a sangue. È permesso scrivere sui social 🅰️🅾️, esattamente come è permesso scrivere ne🅱️ro o ni🅱️🅱️a.
Examples for Roman Ao
“Ao ma che cazzo stai a fa”
“Ao ma che palle questa”
“Ao ma te hai capito?”
“Ao hai rotto er cazzo”
“Ao a nfame fracico l’animaccia deli peggio mortacci tua
by Arturo il Duro April 28, 2020
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Misspelling of 'claimed' by the youtuber PipeTron in a game of Town of Salem.
2 c;ao,ed ng (misspelling of bg)
by Legend423 December 8, 2021
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