The most horrible chapter of a psychology degree textbook. Has ridiculous formulas that are virtually impossible!
Have you seen how hard that ANOVA chapter is?
by IHATESTATS February 15, 2009
Modern day P.O.W Camp, Basically an asylum that is called a school
If you do bad at Anova they give you 1000 liters of sedatives!
by 365476589709795754524512576653 September 28, 2022
A totalitarian system method of civil control which punish all methods of self expression and individualism which do not conform to the states or campus's commands. Subjects who are punished who break this policy are removed from the group and have micro chips installed in to their brain to commands them.
Did you hear how bad the Anova Dress Code is?

Why did he get beaten? He broke the Anova Dress Code.
by 798325798523410972357092350978 September 27, 2022
it comprise of 2 tagalog word, "ano" and "ba" the "v" is just a more emphasized "b", it basically means *what do you want* or *what is it*

Most commonly used as a question
so "anova", do we need to do this or that?
by -Discorder~ January 6, 2021