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Alfraye is a religious, cultural,and racial sect of individuals in North America. Although often compared to Judaism it is very different.
Alfraye individuals are known to be extremely attractive and intelligent. It was once said that Marilyn Monroe herself had wished to be an Alfraye.
Although not fond of small rodent like animals they do enjoy horseback riding, elephants and petting unicorns.

Their flexibility is often praised, this may stem from the cultural dance of the Alfraye called 'Zumba'.

There have been few studies released on the Alfraye people, all knowledge to date has been acquired through secondary sources and New York Times articles. Brad Pitt once offered an interview with the television news-magasine 20/20 to give what understanding he had of the Alfraye as he had experienced a brief relationship with one of members in late 2002.
Those boots are Alfraye-ing awesome, where did you get them?

I thought I bombed my interview but it turns out I totally Alfraye-d it and got the job!

Wow, she's so Alfraye
by Jiggawhathuh January 11, 2011
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