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Avada Kedavera Your Life.
A new version of FML from the villain in the Harry Potter series, Lord Voldemort. Spawning from the immensely popular twitter account, Lord_Voldemort7, AKYL is found on It is normally an acronym used on people the Dark Lord does not believe are worthy of living, mostly people lacking intelligence and common sense. For those who do not know, Avada Kedavera is a killing curse.
Johnny: I've read Harry Potter 3,789,263 times now! He's my hero! I wish I could meet him! ...Or be him...
by tennisqt363 March 31, 2011
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Avada Kedavra Your Life.

Common phrase at Hogwarts and in other wizarding youth strongholds. Often used in conjunction with AKML, FML and similar phrases that surfaced when Cornelius Fudge was elected as the new Minister for Magic, to the disgust of many young twentysomethings working at the ministry who abhorred his loud suits and capricious moustache. Memos started to frantically circle offices reading things like 'Fudge is Minister! AKML!' or 'You're wearing the same socks as Fudge. AKYL.'
Made popular in the muggle world by Harry Potter fans on the internet, particularly after Lord_Voldemort7's twitter account started using it regularly.
You got sorted into Hufflepuff? AKYL !

Your house elf caught those bowers you threw off last night. AKYL!
by BathildaBagshot April 11, 2011
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"Avada Kedavra Your Life"

Or, in layman's terms, 'go die'. Typically it implies that you would be doing the world a favor.
AKYL Originates from AKML, which stands for "avada kedavra my life" and is essentially another (awesomer) way of saying FML.

AKYL was popularized by (You-Know-Who's blog).
Fangirl: "Lyke OMG I just got lyke the most awesomest poster of Justin Bieber yesterday!!! <3<3"

Human: "Like O.M.G. AKYL. Please."
by redturtle6 March 24, 2011
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