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AJ Pizzol pronounced (Ay-Jay Piz-OhL) Is a 22 year old independent up and coming Hip Hop/Rap artist from Danbury Connecticut best known for his appearance in the song "Halloween Anthem" Last seen performing in Burlington Vermont, AJ is said to be working on 2 Mixtape's titled "Don't Listen 2 This" and "Rage" which a few known artist are rumored to be apart of.. He himself promised it'll be released in 2017 via YouTube.
AJ Pizzol has allot of variations to offer within his music and he's one of very few artist in his home town to do so. He is determined and passionate about rapping and if you ever come across a song of his.. Well lets just say it wont be the last time you hear from him. With an original style, a different approach to every beat he kills, a uniquely polished flow and a hard delivery that's quite hard to match in this day and age (Aka Mumble Rap Era) Aspiring rapper AJ Pizzol is a breath of fresh air. He is just beginning, but his end is no where near to come. Success for AJ in the future is nearly promising and it wont be long until he's doing numbers.

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Brian "Hey man are you ready for AJ Pizzol's new MixTape?"

Tyrone "Hell yea bro!" AJ Pizzol is dope man!"
by King Rapradio June 13, 2018
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AJ Pizzol is the best rapper from Danbury CT. Only time will show how great he really is. Stay tuned for the new mixtape "RAGE" dropping soon! As for now, Enjoy the continuous singles.
AJ Pizzol is not like every other rap artist of today's generation, who raps about the same topics like "how much money or bitches they have" in fact he raps about the complete opposite. He often raps about his struggles, religion, relationships, depression, ect and how lyrically great he is. Which he sure is. AJ Pizzol is heavily influenced on the legendary rapper Eminem. He also stands out from most rappers in his state and can really put his city on the map. If not rapping about the topics listed and just is having fun on the track, His topics can easily be described as "Horrocore" One thing you'll notice as soon as you listen to just one of his songs is that he doesn't care to express what ever is on his mind. He clearly doesn't care what people think. AJ Pizzol has gone through allot of different types of struggles in his life, some of which have never been rapped about before, and you will hear about them in his new mixtape titled "RAGE" coming soon.
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If you enjoy listening to rappers like @Eminem @hopsin @TechN9ne @Yelawolf @tylerthecreator and @JoynerLucas you'll love @aj_pizzol
Michelle Gayness: "ayo AJ Pizzol ain't as good as he claims"

Reality Teller: "Maann you're just hating cuz your shit trash, you know he the shit"
by RealHipHopOnly June 02, 2018
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