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The ability to attract and or seduce members of the opposite sex through use of AOL Instant Messenger. A lazy or shy ones alternative to courtship through physical interaction and vocal conversation.
LARRRY: "YO man, Me, Mike and Jim are goin to the club to pick up some drunk bitches are you in???"

DAVE: "Nah, im good.. I'll just work the AIM Game tonite."

Larry: Pussy.
by C.Worf April 25, 2007
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Ones ability to accurately guide a stream of urin into the porcilin parameters without violating the sanctity of the relationship between male and female users.
Honey the seat's yellow again, you really need to work on your aim game.
by akmcc00 February 26, 2015
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What you work with the opposite sex you're interested in via AIM; one more way for beginner PUA's to gain experience.
Chris: I was talking to that girl again last night on aim.
John: Ooo, working your aimgame with her?
by Richieee Smith April 23, 2008
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The ability to kick game through AIM without being lame.
the secret to true AIM-game is leading the subject to beleive you have in fact never heard of such a game
by Meg Steve Nicole Burman Zyler November 17, 2005
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