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In the game, Company of Heroes, the Panzer Elite faction has the ability to train Assault Grenadiers, which are one of the most overpowered infantry units in the game. The most annoying audio clip when you select them is "ASSAULT GRENADIERS MOVING OUT"

An AGMO is a blob or spam of AGMO units. They usually annihilate anything within their site radius and can never die, not even from strafing runs. AGMOs are some of the most annoying units in the game to deal with.
American Player " Haha, I'll just send my riflemen over here...Oh SHIT, its a goddamn AGMO!"

(American rifle squads taken down in seconds by the oncoming AGMO)

German Player: "roflroflroflwtfbbq!!!!!! U lose n00b"
by xopherusrogue October 26, 2009
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