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A guild in ClanDBGT 2, called ¤@NG3£§ F®ØM H3££¤.This is a common "strong" guild that hides their true meaning and their workings, since its meant to cover up what they really stand for and their hate towards EA(Enochian Arcanum). A leading role ,Sesshouraku, made a cover up, calling it Enochian Arcanum(EA'ing) in order to hide that AFH is actually closer to dealing with -AFK-,with dealings in afk training, the meaning that he gave to Enochian Arcanum.Allowing the people to be fooled(the people of ClanDBGT 2) by the meaning Sesshouraku gives to the guild Enochian Arcanum , he uses the term Enochian Arcanum as a disguise to throw off the true nature of the foul,false given information that the people of ClanDBGT 2 get, where the main purpose is to make Enochian Arcanum look bad by saying that the guild bug abuses.

Caution: Many lies imposed by many other people in Clan DBGT are only meant to ridicule and downgrade the true value of what is actually real, so disregard falsely made accusations to understand the pitiful attempts that people are willing to stoop to.-see some examples below-

History: Accounts made to make Enochian Arcanum in making for the start of this false information came when people in the guild of EA were accused and banned for afk training. These people were kicked regardless of their excuses from the guild and were recruited by other guilds,so how can Sesshouraku and others constantly accuse EA of afk training if these people are no longer in it?why not accuse the specific people?Are they in a state of illusions made to make themselves feel superior and trying to downgarde others? All based on fake ideologies and fake references that the people of ClanDBGT have led to be drawn to believe from what is seen as "popular" and then taken to spreading lies altogether.
1)*Kras goes back to EA'ing *<- -- lies being spread by a Moderator. good moderating ...
2)(( ±ÎMP3R0 D3M0N1@C0± )AFH has a waffle fetish!!)Sephy Wsays: {} (Kras) says: Do you mind? I'm trying to afk train here<- - -fake rumors being spread through others collaboration referring to EA
3)(( ¤@NG3£§ F®ØM H3££¤ )Eye r deh ownzor of deh conceptuous cakes of pan!)Danten Wsays: No, he's just EAing <- - another poor individual being part of the crowd spreading lies
4)AFH (Angels From Hell):The group out to influence anyone for the worse.
by True Revelations December 06, 2008
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