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Caused from a large portion of the male population (see AFC) who have gradually brought down their bar for women they would screw so drasticaly low that even ugly chicks are getting much attention from guys. These guys figure that here is a pussy that is under the command of their supieror looks, therefore she is lucky to have him and that she should consider herself very fortunate... however, what this AFC doesn't know is that there are millions out there like him, some of whom have already given this ugly chick much attention and ego, so she isn't at all desperate (unlike him).

These fatties and uglies get this so often. So, ironically most men have undone the very thing they set out to do: take easy, "unsought" after pussy they thought that thought they could own. And now have made these girls much more difficult for all fellow AFC's! Furthermore, these girls now figure that they can let themselves go. All this stems from two things: all girls need guys to come up to them (for ego at least), guys need something to put their dicks in. They figure instead of masturbation, even an ugly girl would be 10x better + so freagin easy (percieved easyness is huge appeal to an AFC).

AFC mentality is always accompanied by a complete lack of pick up skills.
guy: lol look at dan getting rejected by that 3/10
dan: man what a bitch, she doesn't know what a good thing is when it's right in front of her
guy: no... you just got no pick up skills and an AFC mentality
by Agilio October 22, 2005
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