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ADOT - acronym for ‘Aussie Dickhead on Tour.’ ADOTS (plural) are obnoxious Australians travelling in Europe or elsewhere, usually to the embarrassment of more mild mannered Australians.

ADOTS are Bogans (often from Victoria) who travel in packs and sing loudly at sporting events such as the Ashes or Wimbledon. They wear green and gold wigs and ‘fanatics’ t-shirts. Southern Cross tattoos and board shorts adorned with the Australian flag are classic signs of an ADOT. ADOTS can be seen wearing board shorts at any time of year, even winter and on any occasion, i.e. a wedding.

A group of ADOTS is known as a ‘tool box of ADOTS.’
*bottles smashing, people fighting*

Guy 1: What was that?

Guy 2: Some ADOTS over there are drunk, the ones with the Southern Cross tatoos

Guy 1: There's a whole tool box of them in here!!
by jimmydamook July 08, 2009
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1. Jerk, the time derivative of acceleration.
2. Someone who is a jerk, often used by engineer or scientist types to covertly refer to such people.
2. Engineer(to friend): "That guy is being such an a dot."
Friend: "Most definitely."
Guy: "A dot? huh?"
by Applesauce314 March 26, 2008
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