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When someone does not have ADD exhibits the symptoms of the disorder, to an extreme, for a short period of time, later coming to their senses and wondering "wtf was wrong with me?" Someone with ADD can have one too but it would only be normal, and therefore, not very funny.
"Hey, dude, you see that show yesterday?"

"Yea, and i was like, why is he wearing pink, i mean most guys don't wear pink, maybe he's gay, you know, yea, i think he's gay, do you think he's gay? i think he's gay. Well yea, then he ate that orange, i mean who eats oranges?, i once ate an orange and it sucked... OOO YEAH! that reminds me of that song by that one girl on the internet about how she wanted to borrow a top from her friend but her friend didn't want to give her the top and there was that one part and it was all like "I've already been to heaven, i've already been to heaven, i've already been to heaven... AND IT SUCKED!" I mean, that song is awesome but why would you make a song about a top you wanted to borrow and then say stuff about going to heaven, i never got that. That girl made some other songs and they were cool too but they were all dumb with no meaning. What's up with making music with no meaning, these days that's all that happens, i mean, there was that song about that kid who was a soldier and he had sex with people referring to the sex as "supermaning" the said "ho", and then there was that song by that band of metro-sexual men about how they wanted a girl to shake it. Music sucks these days, i mean no songs ever have any meaning, its like poop. I mean, it's like someone seriously just took a huge diarrhea on a piece of paper. That would be weird though wouldn't it? Defecating on a piece of paper. Why did i just use the word "defecating"? Why didn't i just say "pooping"? Well anyway, what were we talking about?"

"O.O, dude, what was that?"

"oh, wow. O.O i just had a total ADD blast"
by RkyvOofHapinyss January 15, 2009
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