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A typical follower of A Course in Miracles, which teaches that everything is a matter of perception in order to deny reality and avoid responsibility.

ACIMholes are manipulative control-freaks who claim to be "blameless" while blaming everyone else for having "ego delusions" should anything unflattering be noticed, or anything unpleasant be expected from them.

ACIMholes speak in convoluted platitudes that always place responsibility on someone else while making themselves seem wise and above it all.

ACIMholes claim to believe that Jesus told them to act this way, but it's more likely they know what a crock that is, since they are all hypocrites.

ACIMholes love nothing more than a lame excuse, and nothing less than a real job. They all seek to be paid for being "spiritual" and telling everyone else what to do, while they do as they please.

ACIMholes pretend that they don't have feelings, except "love", because feelings are evil.

"Love" to an ACIMhole means "you owe me".
"If you can be hurt
by anything, you see a picture of
your secret wishes. Nothing more than this.
And in your suffering of any kind,
you see your own concealed desire to kill."

"My mind is part of God's. I am very holy."

If you confront an ACIMhole for picking your pocket, or trying to abduct with your 6 month old, they will tell you: "You do not speak to me,
but to a fantasy you think is me."
by InkyDink October 10, 2008
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