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A wonderful page ran by a sweet girl named Jess (hostileact) that is frequently being looked at/advertised/talked about on the Avatar Chat (AC). Basically, it's a huge page of compliments to certain people that is supposed to make ACers smile, laugh, or feel better. All you have to do to get your compliment up there is to mail her and she will put it up quickly. The best part is (and funnest), it's 100% anonymous, making it a total guessing game on who complimented you/someone else. It's always being updated as tons of people I imagine mail her with compliments. The page is open to anyone.
ACer: Wow, I would love to compliment some of my friends!

Jess: Sure, just mail me and I'll put them up!

ACer: Awesome, thanks! :)

Jess: Thanks for helping AC: Anonymous Compliments!
by suffacate May 04, 2011
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