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See also;Adavanced Placment Murking. The educational process of murking in an advanced placment and setting, skill obtained with hands on training.
To Murk; To use to fullest potential or to take advantage of in the most efficiant and productive manner, exersized in an art-like fashion.

The example takes place in the setting of a teenage/college party. The moral of the story is this girl who current had a so called " boyfriend " got "murked" now this kid is made of money im that G reppin Advanced placement murking, so while overly infatuated with his ownership of his girlfriend he left her unattended with confidence so being that shes extremely attractive and I 've obtained my degree in murking I "murked" the chick conviently making out with her sucking on her neck ect, and he casually walks out and SHE WAS MURKED as well as her boyfriend. This is a prime exmple of some a.p. Murking.
by Crills and Bills September 06, 2006
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