A very long book by Charles Dickens. Forcibly read to many High Schoolers, who often use Cliff's Notes.
This book is one of the best books I've read, but it's hard to read if you're not used to Dickens...
I read a Tale of Two Cities and I really enjoyed it.
by Goddess Mallory November 19, 2008
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An aweful, lengthy novel written by Charles Dickens about the French Revolution. Unfortunately, the violence of the era is left out from the narrative and replaced with a lame storyline that is difficult to follow without Cliffs Notes. Most high schoolers will be forced to read it for school. One of the worst books you may ever have the misfortune of reading.
"Class over the summer, you'll have to read A Tale of Two Cities."
by write it, read it, paint it August 6, 2009
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