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The 3rd movie in the Rocky Balboa movie series features a Rocky who is rich, powerful, popular, and well loved by his fans. But who doesn't care as much about winning, and therefor loses his title to Mr. T's character James "Clubber" Lang. So "A Rocky 3 Fighter" is 1 of 2 types of fighters. 1, a fighter with everything He/She has ever wanted, who ends up losing their heart and passion for the sport, and in the end loses their marquee status as a top fighter. 2, A fighter with everything, who then loses everything, but then finds themselves again and regains their marquee status.
John Doe was the best fighter I had ever seen! But once he got that money, he became A Rocky 3 Fighter and was forgotten about. His paychecks meant more to him then the fight outcome.... He became just another opponent....
by the2ndflood July 27, 2008
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