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Irish Metalcore band known for having hard rock influences, but trying all they can to stay the fuck away from being labelled an "Avenged Sevenfold knockoff". Founded in 2014 they have progressed into one of Ireland's upcoming bands. You should check them out soon.
Band Members:
Aidan Sutcliffe/Vocals
Liam White Jr./Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
Stephen Galway/Rhythm Guitar
Conor Kinsella/Bass
Jason Fleming/Drums
A Night In The Snow is a metalcore/post-hardcore bands. With influences from a variety of different acts such Avenged Sevenfold, Asking Alexandria, Guns N' Roses, Escape The Fate, Bring Me The Horizon and Falling In Reverse.

A Night In The Snow was founded in mid-2014 by vocalist, Aidan Sutcliffe, and Bassist, Stephen Galway.

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